Strategy Meets Simulation in Middle Age Clash

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Strategy Meets Simulation in Middle Age Clash

Legend: Rising Empire Combines Strategic Battles and City-Building Simulation


Guangzhou, China – October 9, 2018Ever wanted to step into the shoes of an aristocrat, to lead your people as you see fit, develop your land from a small village into a thriving empire, and ultimately conquer the world? Well, the latest offering from NetEase Games, the folks behind the recent hits Identity V and Rules of Survival, lets you do just that and much, much more.


Android users in Europe, North America and Oceania can start their own legend in Favilla from October 24 with an iOS version to follow shortly after.




In Legend: Rising Empire, players will take charge of a young up-and-coming lord (or lady) on the mythical continent of Favilla. But, before making their mark, they will need to tread a fine line if they are to make it in this cutthroat world where everyone is out for their own. Players will have to make smart choices to efficiently manage land and resources.


Players can use resources to raise a garrison charged with the protection of your territory against those with an eye to razing your city to the ground, even the King! For those with larger ambitions, create an army to venture into the unknown to battle bandits and invade neighboring territories.


It wouldn’t hurt to have a friend or two in this dog-eat-dog world either. Establish relationships and trade with players from all over the world and when the time is right, create or enter into strategic alliances to coordinate efforts, expand your territory and usurp the throne!


Beyond all the backstabbing and power plays, the game also offers many features for the less ambitious, casual gamer who may just wish to enjoy a quiet life of farming, mining, and managing their city. “We have spent a lot of time on the little things to make the game more immersive and let the players feel as if their land is a living, breathing ecosystem. Player actions affect not just troop morale but also the happiness and well-being of their city’s inhabitants” Says Yuan Fei, lead game designer.


With strategic battles featuring various unique troops of up to 200 units, more than 40 different buildings for players to customize their cities with and a host of tactics and strategies, Legend: Rising Empire looks set to please both the hardcore and casual gamer alike.


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